Our Mission

Thank you for visiting the home of Majestic™ Car Rental Group. We are a Vermont owned and operated company, committed to promoting local business in the greater Burlington and Rutland areas. Majestic™ Car Rental Group is a strong advocate of the “Buy Local” movement. We are an environmentally conscious business and will be the first car rental company in Vermont to include hybrid vehicles in our fleet. Check back often for updates to our website and for news about our growing company.
Doing business with Majestic™ Car Rental Group is an experience that is far above the rest. In the nearly 20 years that Majestic® Corporation of America has been serving the public we have come to understand that the key to success is customer satisfaction. We have taken the values of high customer satisfaction and integrity that encompass Majestic® Corporation and applied them to our new venture in Majestic™ Car Rental Group.
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